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In our case study videos, we focus on your products or services, and their application in real life with real people. They provide a personal recommendation from an existing customer or expert, to a potential new one. It’s a personal endorsement that reflects your brand and business values, and it’s a very powerful tool.

With a focus on realism and authenticity, our video production approach helps to emphasize the genuine feel of our case study videos. We always make sure the talent is comfortable and relaxed, and that we are professional and well prepared. Some of our case study clients include AtkinsRealis, Google, and TFL.

Every case study production has different demands, so we tailor our film-making kit and approach accordingly. We will discuss with you the look and feel of your project in pre-production, and we’ll adjust our processes to suit your needs during production and post.

Our approach to Case Studies



Perfect for internal & external video comms


Once we receive our intial brief on the project, we'll discuss in depth with you how best to deliver on your goals for the project. This involves deciding on budget, equipment, location, the look and feel you want, talent, and project timelines of course.


Once production begins, you can rest assured we'll be well prepared for anything. From backup cameras, mics, and lights, we like to overprepare so that on the day(s) we can spend as much time as possible focussing on the actual content and not the technical side of things.


As soon as production wraps, our post-production process begins. Our team of skilled editors will carefully craft an engaging, informative story that stays true to the goals of your project. We are dedicated to delivering a polished and professional final product.

Our Portfolio

You can find our company showreel, a selection of our Case Studies, and some of our other works below...
This is the best case study video we've ever seen on this topic!
Ross Kelly / Atkins
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