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Delve into the world of expert timelapse photography with Media Hog Productions. Our latest blog uncovers how we use expert techniques to enhance video productions, transforming ordinary footage into extraordinary visual narratives

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Welcome to our creative corner at Media Hog Productions! Today, we’re exploring the captivating world of Timelapse photography. Whether you’re looking to add depth to a corporate video or bring a new angle to your creative vision, our expertise in timelapse photography can bring your ideas to life. We’ve been shooting timelapses for our clients for many years, so we thought it time to explain what it offers, and how it can be used. 

The Magic of Timelapse in Professional Productions

Timelapse can transform simple moments into mesmerizing visuals, and it’s perfect for those who want to bring an extra dash of dynamism to their projects (see also hyperlapses). Imagine capturing a day’s worth of cityscape life for b-roll, an auditorium filling to the brim or a building rising from the ground, all in a few seconds. It’s not just about fast-forwarding time; it’s about crafting a visuals that tell a story in a way traditional videos can’t.

The Importance of Gear & Workflow - or Not

In Timelapse photography production, it’s all about the photographer’s expertise and experience. Choosing the right tool, whether a compact GoPro or a an Alexa, hinges on a deep understanding of the project’s unique demands. It’s a horses for courses situation where the higher end camera isn’t always the right choice. There are multiple variables beyond the camera’s output to take into account, such as location, weather, movement, length of shoot time, power/batteries etc., the list goes on. This means it’s absolutely crucial that your photographer comes with plenty of experience in the field. You don’t want an Alexa shooting a Day to Night timelapse, or a non weather sealed DSLR shooting a long term construction timelapse. 

Fortunately, here at Media Hog, we’ve logged a lot of time shooting and editing timelapses. We’ve made plenty of mistakes along the way but we’ve learnt our lessons, and at this point we consider ourselves specialists in the field, so you’ll be in safe hands if you go with us.

Now, on to Post-Production – this is obviously an absolutely crucial part of any timelapse production, and its importance cannot be overstated. Working across large time periods introduces variables beyond what you would think, from changing colour temperatures to exposure changes across the shot duration, so having a deep understanding of the content and workflow is invaluable. We’ve crafted our own bespoke post production workflow that takes RAW images all the way through to high end deliverables. 


Have a look at some of our timelapses below to see what can be done!


"Time is a spiral, space is a curve, I know you get dizzy but try not to lose your nerve."
Terry Pratchett
Night Watch

Timelapse Tales: Our Adventures, a case study

Alexander McQueen / Jonathan Glazer Timelapse: We had the wonderful opportunity to work with Jonathan Glazer and Alexander McQueen via the production company ‘Academy’ back in 2020. Our brief was to encapsulate the pulsating heart of London, ‘the guts of the city’ as Jonathan Glazer put it,  through a series of timelapse videos focusing on the River Thames and it’s tide (6hrs in or out). It was a resounding success not without its technical and envirmental challenges (12hr exterior shoots in a cold December). Our footage was used at the teaser for the whole campaign, and ran full screen across the picadilly circus screens for multiple days, along with Time Square, and being projected on to the Bhurj Khalifa! You cn read about the project in more detail here.

• Mont Blanc / Graffiti Timelapse: In 2021, we were approached to create short-form content for a new Mont Blanc marketing campaign. Mont Blanc was launching a new range of suitcases and had commissioned a large-scale mural to be painted in East London. We were tasked with filming the installation over two days. Considering the challenges of an exterior shoot with a focus on a short-form edit, we utilized a 3-camera setup. This included a stationary GoPro for wide shots and two high-res DSLRs for roaming coverage, providing multiple angles and higher-end imagery. The campaign was a success, with our footage featured in the extensive video promo and various short-form social media content. Select shots from this shoot are available in the showreel above.


Trends and Tips from the Timelapse Frontier

Timelapse isn’t just evolving; it’s revolutionizing. Drones are taking it to the skies, capturing both stationary timelapses and dynamic hyperlapses. An example is the construction of the new Apple Campus, documented using drone timelapse, providing a unique view of the project’s progress. Additionally, AI is giving editing a significant shake-up. Futuristic mixed-media twists are appearing all over social media, while our editing software is revolutionizing post-production. AI algorithms can automate frame selection, adjust exposure, and color balance, making the editing process more efficient. Adobe’s After Effects now even incorporates AI tools for seamless frame interpolation, enhancing the smoothness of timelapse sequences.

The industry is changing rapidly and we’ll try to build out our explanations of it all. Please bear with us, it takes time to writte these!

Timelapse Use Cases

Timelapse is an excellent tool for documenting the progress of construction projects. It can be used for client presentations, stakeholder updates, and promotional material showcasing the company’s work from groundbreaking to completion. We’ve shot countless Construction projects, for Multiplex, L’Occitane, Grosvenor Square, Ashby Capital, AtkinsRéalis, Amara Property and more.

Capture the entire scope of events like festivals, conferences, or large gatherings. Timelapse can show the setup, the event in full swing, and the breakdown, offering a comprehensive view that highlights the event’s success and scale, and it help bring even more dynamism to your videos. We’ve shot event Timelapses for clients such as Adobe, Bespoke Events, Snapdragon Events, Twobytwo Video, and more.

For documentaries or environmental studies, Timelapse can illustrate changes in natural landscapes, animal behaviors, or ecological transformations over time, providing compelling visual evidence of environmental narratives. We’ve shot environmental timelapses for the BBC, The Wildlife Trust, the Japan Tourist Board and more.

Timelapse can be used by urban planners or city promotional campaigns to showcase the vibrancy and evolution of city spaces, from day-to-night transitions to capturing the development of new urban areas. We’ve shot Cityscapes for The BBC, Netflix, Alexander McQueen, Ashby Capital and more.

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In manufacturing, Timelapse can demonstrate the process of product creation from start to finish, offering an intriguing behind-the-scenes view that can be used for educational purposes, marketing, or quality assurance documentation. We’ve shot product manufacturing and assembly timelapses for Chappel Down Vineyards, Tata Steel, The BBC, Lobster Pictures and more.

Documenting the creation and display of art installations, or the bustling activity of cultural events, Timelapse provides a dynamic way to capture the essence of the artistic and cultural sector. We’ve shot art installations and cultural events for multiple agencies, Mont Blanc, Alexander McQueen, and multiple festivals.

For real estate, Timelapse can showcase property development, offering a dynamic way to present properties to potential buyers or investors, highlighting changes and developments in the property landscape. We’ve shot for Ashby Capital (Commercial Real Estate), Multiplex, The Wardian Canary Wharf, Amara Property and more.

Timelapse can add a creative edge to marketing campaigns, creating engaging content that stands out in digital and social media advertising. We’ve shot marketing and advertising timelapses fo Alexander McQueen, L’Occitane, Vapianos, Free Now and more.

In R&D sectors, Timelapse can be used to document experiments, product testing, or development processes, providing a visual timeline of progress and milestones. We’ve recently even consulted on a project that aimed to timelapse the breakdown of plastic by an engineered bacteria!


Ready to see your project in a whole new light? Let’s chat! At Media Hog Productions, we’re all about turning your ideas into stunning Timelapse masterpieces. It’s more than just filming; it’s about crafting a story that captivates. Drop us a line, and let’s start making something amazing together!

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